Intruder (Acorn Electron Cassette 50 Game 32)


Note: the BBC Micro version is identical to the Acorn Electron version

There’s an intruder in the building. It might be some kind of hotel or a block of flats and you have to find the intruder. The instructions don’t explain why it has to be you, but I assume it’s because you’re the hardest person around or something and I imagine you’ll give this intruder a stern ticking off when you find him or her. But watch out, you only get five attempts. If you don’t find them they’ll eventually find you and say the five worst swears at you before running off out of the building with a stolen pair of your pants. And later on you’ll find out what a disgusting mess they’ve made in one of the toilets, and you’ll have to clean it up yourself, crying tears of frustration because no one else will ever trust you to get rid of an intruder again. You fucking failure.

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Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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