Planets (Acorn Electron Cassette 50 Game 37)

37 Planets

Note: the BBC Micro version is identical to the Acorn Electron version

Does seeing if the natural gravity of a planet can drag you in and kill you sound like fun? If so then this is the game for you, you big thrill seeker.

“If you survive for 100 time units you win. If not you lose” says the instructions. What you might win isn’t made clear. Maybe just a condescending pat on the head and a badge that says “I didn’t die by stupidly crashing into a massive planet  Well done me”. And  a Daphne and Celeste Album. And a Bergerac Box Set.

Have a look at the exciting will he/won’t he die action:

See the the Amstrad version of Planets
See the Commodore 64 version of Planets (Called Planets Defender)
See the Atari 8-bit version of Planets
See the ZX81 Version of Planets

Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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