Black Hole (Acorn Electron Cassette 50 Game 38)

38 Black Hole

Note: the BBC Micro version is identical to the Acorn Electron version

Let’s get this straight. You want me to go and get sucked into a black hole without knowing where I’ll come out, and when I do I’ll get chased by an Alien who wants to kill me and do a sex on my dead body?

But if I get over that blue line everything will be OK and I won’t get killed and fiddled with by a necrophiliac monster from outer space?

Why can’t I just go over the line without going into the black hole and having the threat of death hovering over me?

Your idea of fun is very, very twisted Cassette 50.

See the Commodore 64 version of Black Hole
See the Atari 8-bit version of Black Hole
See the ZX81 version of Black Hole

Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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