Text Only Grand Prix…


I have to admit to feeling a little bereft. What is a man to do with his life after playing through the 50 (er…48) Games on the Acorn Electron version of Cassette 50?

I did think about playing through the ZX81 version next, and I still might, but a little break from all things Cassette 50 might also be good.

So instead I have decided to search out more crap games to play. There is one problem though. Today’s game is utter genius. It’s a ZX Spectrum Grand Prix Game. Yeah, yeah, you might think, there were loads of racing games on the Speccy. Well this is different. This is text only, like one of those adventure games you’d play for a bit before getting frustrated and typing “Fuck”. And the computer would respond “I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ‘FUCK’ IS. TYPE ‘HELP’ FOR A LIST OF COMMANDS”. And then you would type “This game is crap, I hate you, you smell”. And the computer would respond  “I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ‘CRAP’ IS. TYPE ‘HELP’ FOR A LIST OF COMMANDS”. And then your mum would come in the room and you’d have to turn off the telly before she saw you had typed some swears.

Text Only Grand Prix was released in 2009 by Bob Smith for a crap games competition – take a look at his website for some absolutely brilliant homebrewed brew games for the Spectrum and ZX81.

I can’t do this game justice in words. Watch the video. It is amazing:

Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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