Psion Attack (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 10 )

Psion Attack

I hate the Psions.

It’s always the same. All I want to do is cross the road and go and get a pint of milk and a paper. And a can of ridiculous strength beer, just to see me through the afternoon. But it’s always a bloody hassle because between my house and the shop are all these stupid Psions. Day after day they shuffle back and forth, like a dad dancing to the best of Level 42 in a silent disco. And they’ve left their space mines lying about for anyone to go tripping over. I really bruised my shin last time I walked into one of them. And did they apologise? No, they did not. Just carried on moving side to side (though I think I heard one snigger quietly).

I hate the Psions. Have they got nothing better to do than ruin my day while they listen to their 80s smooth jazz funk? Why do they have to stand outside my house? I’ve tried asking them what I did to piss them off so much. No reply. More silent movement. I tried to tell them that Level 42 are shit. One of them gave me a bit of a steely glare but they didn’t move on to somebody else’s house. I tried to pick up a space mine and move it but I hurt my back and now I have to pay a lady to walk up and down on it before I can even think about going outside and facing these fools.

I see them now, their slow side step after side step after side step. Watching me. Waiting.

I hate the Psions.

See the Atari 8-bit version of Psion Attack (called Zion Attack)
See the Acorn Electron & BBC Micro Version of Psion Attack
See the Commodore 64 version of Psion Attack


Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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