Inferno (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 33)

Inferno (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 33)

I have 300 seconds to save some people from the 17th floor of a burning building. Should be an absolute doddle, eh? No mater that the 16th floor is all ablaze already and that I don’t actually have a clue where I’m going. I’ll just stack all the people that need saving onto my back and carry them out like the big hero I am.

Wait a minute. Who designed this office floor plan? What kind of sick individual did this? I can’t image that this place could have actually got its fire safety certificate? It’s all over the place! Where do people do their work? In the corridor? Just look at it! There’s a person trapped in a part of the building that doesn’t even have a door to it.

But as I am the big hero, I’ll find a way. I will. I’ll just…



See the Amstrad version of Inferno
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See the Acorn Electron & BBC Micro Version of Inferno

Author: Pete Collins

Bundle of wasted potential. Music & Retro Gaming blogger, and bass player for Flange Circus.

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