Dynamite (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 39)

zx81 39 dynamite

What a thrill! I am walking over a bridge that has dynamite underneath it and might go off at any moment, blowing me sky high! I can feel the adrenalin, touch the danger. If I survive this I’ll get 1,000 points! Imagine that! ONE THOUSAND POINTS all of my own, to spend on whatever I wish.

What do you mean that 1,000 point isn’t legal tender anywhere? Are you seriously trying to tell me that I am risking being blown up for something that has no tangible reward to it?

Get me off this bridge. Now.



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Black Hole (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 38)

zx81 38 black hole
When I was at school my friend Tom made a joke about astronomy but wasn’t really about astronomy, it was about a girl’s front bottom, which he likened to a black hole. Not many people got it, but I did because I was rude.

Now, x numbers of years later, I am trying to fathom exactly what this game is all about and I’m coming to the conclusion it isn’t about astronomy either. But neither is it about front bottoms. Not unless you are in possession of a front bottom that occasionally spews up numbers for no discernible reason and makes you go back to the start of the game.


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