ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 32 – Munch


Who hasn’t ever wanted to just be a giant pair of lips? I know I have. And I’m pretty sure you have too. Well, now you can. Seductively slip those giant strawberries between your luscious lips. But avoid the nightshade. Because if you eat them you’ll be dead. And you don’t want that do you? Wouldn’t your friends wonder why you had died as just a big pair of lips instead of your normal body? Yes, they would.

Orbit (ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 31)


Note: The instructions say it’s called “Cargo Dock” but it’s called “Orbit” on the cassette inlay. Maybe to avoid confusion with”Cargo“?

Someone has done a poo on the space shuttle and then flushed it out into space and it’s your job to go and grab that poo before it enters the planets atmosphere and drops to the surface, ruining someone’s day.

ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 30 – The Skull


Hey! I’ve got a proposition for you. There’s this thing buried in the earth. It’s very valuable. Worth millions. I’ll give you a laser that can cut a person sized tunnel in the ground and you dig through and bring it back and we’ll share the proceeds 50/50. What do you say? A catch? You’re asking me if there’s a catch? Of course there’s no catch.


Well…there might be a big ass skellington head waiting for you. Which would probably try and eat you with it’s skellington teeth. But that’s only a might. There might not be a big ass skellington head waiting at all.

(there is).

ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 23 – Stompers


It’s another maze game. Another maze game where you eat pills and get chased by a ghost (or in this case, a spooky skull. OOOoooOoooOOOO!) Sound familiar?

But there is a little twist, and that is you also have to catch a Stomper. It looks like a green alien thing. And you’ll never manage to get it because the spooky skull will always catch you and give you a bony skellington kiss before you do.