Rally 3000 (Amstrad Cassette 50 Game 26)


Was it Noughtie’s boy band that had a song about perving on your great great great granddaughter in the year 3000? Well, guess what? Not only can you have some manufactured pop group endorsed incest in the future, you can also drive a rally car around a maze. Until you crash into a wall. How about that then?

Colony-9 (Amstrad Cassette 50 Game 20)


You know, if I could live anywhere it would be in Colony-9. Colony-9 would be better than Colony-8 or Colony-10 or even Colonies 1 – 65,876,875,492,320,000. Because Springy would live in Colony-9. You know Springy don’t you? Little fella with a spring on his bottom half (no, I don’t know if he has a widge, stop asking). He jumps up and down a lot collecting what looks like piles of yellow sick from off of the floor. Top guy is that Springy. So fuck you Colony-1 and the rest. We’ve got Springy. Pick up your own piles of sick, he’s staying here with us in Colony-9 (until he falls off the screen, the stupid bastard).