1k Games (ZX81) part one…

It’s time to go back to my roots and look at another compilation. This one has a very exciting cover, with some kind of futuristic racing collision. Look at it. It’s going to be AMAZING.

. 1K Games

Game 1 – Slot Machines: Check me out. I have a full ten pence to spend. I could spend it on whatever I want, but today I am am going to flaunt my wealth by sticking it into a fruit machine, that will pay me back if I get the numbers to add up to 7. This is literally seconds of fun. Ah well, soon be time for those futuristic cars on the cover, right?

Game 2 – Art: Art? I want the BBC’s Will Gompertz, with his fucking stupid hair, to look at this. It’s Art Will. ART.

Game 3 – Slalom: Time for a quick ski before I get to play with those fantastic cars on the cover. Down the most nondescript mountain ever.

Game 4 – Catch Me If You Can: I am an X. You are an O. I am going to catch you.

Wait, no I’m not. It’s impossible.

Game 5 – Space Pirate: 1K Games has gone all sexy. In the last game I had to stick my X in an O, and now I have to mount a spaceship to ‘pirate’ its stuff. And still no sign of those cars on the cover. I am getting suspicious.

Part Two to follow…