Door Simulator 2015…

Door Simulator 2015

You can get simulators for all kinds of things nowadays.  From the days of Sim City to Theme Park to New York City Bus Simulator, to making your characters do rudes with the maid in The Sims, these games are everywhere.

(What? Come on, we’ve all had our characters do rudes with the maid in The Sims haven’t we?)

Anyway, now it’s time for a simulator to rise up and show us one of the most scintillating experiences you could ever hope to play in a game. Walking through a Door. Walking through lots and lots of doors. Maybe occasionally having to jump onto some pillars to get to another door. Doors, doors, doors. Gotta open them doors.

Door Simulator 2015 is completely free and is available from for Linux (yay!), Mac OS X (meh) and Windows (ugghh). Get walking through doors.