Karate Warrior…


When I was in primary school it seemed that all my male classmates were doing some sort of martial arts. Banging on about what colour belts they had or who they had fought with. I did not do a martial art. I could think of better things to do with my spare time that kicking people.

Still, playing Karate computer games was a different matter. I played a lot of IK+ on a friends Amstrad. I was very impressed. The graphics and animation were brilliant (even though the C64 version is better…). I wanted to be able to play a karate game with my friend on my Acorn Electron too so one afternoon I hurried around to my local library, paid my 20p to borrow Karate Warrior and got my mate around to my house. There was excited anticipation as we waited the five minutes for it to load. This would be great. We could play Karate games at both of our houses!

Sadly, it was not so impressive. I can still hear my mate’s derision now. The characters couldn’t even walk without doing a high kick, like they had a Tourette’s tic.

By way of comparison, this is what I saw at my mate’s house: