Cannon Ball (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 25)

25 zx81 cannon ball

“Mate! Hey mate! Can you help me destroy that bag of rubbish over there? I’ll give you fifty quid”.

Fifty quid? What’s in it?

“Did I ask you what colour underpants you have on? No, I did not. Fifty quid, no questions”.

Are you sure it’s nothing dodgy? I don’t want to get in trouble.

“What did I just say mate. NO QUESTIONS. Do you want this fifty quid or not?”.

Yeah, yeah, all right. I’ll help you dispose of it.

“Destroy it, not dispose of it. It’s nothing dodgy, I told you. You make it sound like it’s something dodgy”.

Whatever, how do you want me to do this? Set fire to it?

“No, use this cannon over here”.

Cannon? Where on earth have you got a cannon from? Did you rob this from a museum? Steal it from the middle ages?

“More questions. Shut up and help me load it up with ballast”.

OK, let’s light the fuse and get this stuff destroyed!


“You missed mate”.

Fuck off.

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