Phaser (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 31)

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Why is it that whenever an alien comes anywhere near earth the immediate reaction is not to greet it and learn from it, but to shoot it right out of the sky?

I think it’s because you’re afraid your girlfriend will fancy it and run away with it to whatever planet it’s come from. Then all your mates will point and laugh and everybody in the place you live will know that you got dumped for an ugly alien, and then you’ll have to move away. But everybody on earth will find out, and reporters will camp outside your home and television cameras will be thrust into your face to catch the image of every tear that falls from your eye as you’re asked to recount how it feels to know that the woman you love is having hot sex right now with a being from another planet.

And it will get so bad that you won’t be able to live anywhere on earth and so you’ll concoct a plan to move off earth and to the planet that the alien came from.

And do you know what will happen as soon as your spaceship arrives at that planet?

That’s right, you’ll be shot right out of the sky.

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