Universe (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 43)


The Universe. That’s a pretty fucking big place.

ZX81’s RAM. That is not a pretty fucking big place.

How to fit the Universe into a Cassette 50 ZX81 game then?

Well, the answer, as you might expect, is quite badly. Apparently I am to save THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE single handedly by tempting some dangerous antimatter clouds into black holes, all the while trying not to fly into the cloud or the black holes myself. And then I have to run off to the EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE. You know, that infinite thing that has no end. Yes, the edge of that.

Suffice to say, given the gargantuan task I’m not surprised to see a  “You’ve failed to save the universe” message. Just before a black hole sucks my face off, and not in a good way like a girl in a club in Bolton would in the late 90s.

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