Phaser (Acorn Cassette 50 Game 31)


Note: the BBC Micro version is identical to the Acorn Electron version

There’s no explanation in the instructions, but I believe The Phaser might be one of those futuristic game shows like The Running Man or The Love Machine (the unsuccessful contestants in that go down a big chute and chopped up and fed to Stacey Solomon after the show).

The Phaser is one evil bastard, and you only get a chance to step once to the right or left as it comes down. And there’s no respite – if you manage to dodge through a gap The Phaser still keeps on coming back for more.

Oh – I have been advised to say that Stacey Solomon does not eat the contestants after an episode of The Love Machine. She only watches dispassionately as Chris Moyles eats them instead.

Watch me play Phaser:

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