What is this website all about then?


The original version of this website was a blog to accompany me playing through all 50 (er..48) games on the Acorn Electron version of Cassette 50, the format I had as a child. The calculator watch I received with the game was more impressive than anything I played, and for a very (very) short time I was the envy of my primary school classmates. You can still see the original blurb for the blog below…

Since then I decided, like a complete masochist, to play through all the available formats of Cassette 50. After playing through the Acorn Electron and ZX81 versions, I started writing less word on the blog and instead talking over the videos, all of which are on the accompanying YouTube channel.

Will I achieve the dream of playing them all? Let’s see…


I got my first computer when I was 5. An Acorn Electron, derided by some for being a cut down BBC Micro with worse graphics and sound. I didn’t care, it was mine and I loved it. Even when I got a much superior Commodore 64 a few years later I still kept the old Electron around, and I still have it now in a box upstairs.

There were some amazing games on the Electron, particularly those produced by Superior Software. Striker’s Run and it’s sequel Codename Droid, the Repton series, Elite, Exile (my favourite game of all time, and one which I will complete one day. I will), and countless others.

This blog is not about them though. There are much better places to read about brilliant retro computer games. Instead, this blog is about the absolute worst casette of games I owned.

When I was at Primary School there weren’t many things much cooler than having a Calculator Watch. I desperately wanted one. Imagine how I felt when I saw an advert to get one FREE with a copy of Cascade Softwares’s “Casette 50”. The advert promised 50 fantastic games on one casette. I begged my parents. 50 games AND a calculator watch – how could it go wrong?

It could. Spectacularly. And you’ll see how.


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