Ski Jump (ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 15)

Ski Jump

“Psssst. I know a sure bet for this ski jumping competition”.

You do? Really? And you’ll share it with me?

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I tell you? Of course”.

And there’s no catch?

“No. Well, yeah. One. Give me the money and I’ll put the bet on for you”.

Piss off! You expect me to just hand it over? What kind of fool do you take me for?

“No, mate, you’ve got me all wrong. I know a bookie who’ll give the best odds, but he won’t just take the bet from anyone. Only me. And this ski jumper is a definite winner. He’s so much better than the rest and I can quadruple your stake if you let me put the bet on for you”.

Hmmmm. Are you sure? Really sure?

“Of course”.

Alright, I’ll trust you. What number ski jumper am I betting on?

“Number 5. Put all your cash on him”.

Here you go then, let’s see where number 5 places….

YOU BASTARD!!! Come back here with my money!

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